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 Diezel VS Leaping Lizzy

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PostSubject: Diezel VS Leaping Lizzy   Fri Jan 25, 2008 2:59 am

Brenton wrote:
Diezel VS Leaping Lizzy

Ok so me being lol lvl 8 dnc minding my own busness when that thing pop in front of me i couldnt resist to claim it was all good till it link then i died like ahero and that taru didnt help me and claim it but i was happy it didnt drop ^^
oh and i dlvl too >>


75 BLM/75 SMN/75 BRD/60 DNC/60 RDM/45 WAR/38 COR/37 WHM/37 DRK/37 NIN/26 PLD
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Diezel VS Leaping Lizzy
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