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 MDynamis Rules

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PostSubject: MDynamis Rules   Wed Feb 27, 2008 8:14 am

Dynamis Rules

AF2 Lotting
Search Comments
May select #1 and #2 AF in Search Comment per run. Your comment must look something like this:
#1 SMN
#2 BLM

These must be lv70+ jobs.

If you wish to lot for a job not 70+ , your comment should look like this:
#1 SMN
#2 RDM lv60

Casting Lots
When an AF2 drops a list of all members with that job as #1 will be called. These members will lot first. If there is no member with this job as #1 OR all with #1 have already obtained the item, a list of members with this job as #2 will be called. Only after both #1 and #2 are called will those with a job under lv70 be called to lot.

No one may cast lots until their name has been called. If you feel your name was missed /tell Stupswife right away to clarify so that you may be able to lot.

All comments MUST be up prior to entrance.
If you choose not to lot anything you MUST still have a comment up: {cast lots} {no,thanks} or a similar comment.
You CAN NOT change your comment after comments are recorded (this happens just before entrance)

All currency is lotted on by Stupswife for the LS Bank to fund future Dynamis Runs.

Misc Dynamis Drops
Any item which is not AF2, Relic Weapon, or Currency will be lotted on by a LS Sack Holder.

Job Responsibilities
RDMs are the sleepers in MDynamis. All RDM are required to have /blm.
Anyone with Provoke MUST voke slept mobs.
Anyone with /ninja or main job NIN may be asked to voke & kite Stats.
NO ONE is to melee STATs. These will be nuked by BLMs.
NO ONE is to weaponskill NIN mobs until 25%.
BLM /assist & Main /assist will be announced prior to entrance.
EVERYONE MUST have an /assist macro and use it.
EVERYONE MUST have /autotarget OFF.

Dynamis Northlands
Same rules apply. Some additions are:

lv74+ (NOT lv70+)
Most AF2 is based on priority according to attendance with MDynamis.
Your #1 and #2 MUST be listed on the forum PRIOR to entrance. (If you know a member of MDynamis without internet access you may post their #1 and #2 selection for them.)
Your job selection DOES NOT CHANGE. It is the same for Xar and Beauc.


75 BLM/75 SMN/75 BRD/60 DNC/60 RDM/45 WAR/38 COR/37 WHM/37 DRK/37 NIN/26 PLD
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MDynamis Rules
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