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 READ HERE ~Before Applying~

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PostSubject: READ HERE ~Before Applying~   Tue Jan 15, 2008 10:48 am

Welcome to SpartanS!!

We are a GMT based EndGame LS. All of our events are held at 6pm-11pm GMT (6pm GMT = 1pm EST) Our current requirements are lvl 75, access to sky, and actively working tword completion of ZM's, PMs and AM's. (we prefer applicants to be on PM 5-1 or beyond)

Currently Recruiting : Dedicated & Qualified Applicants

If you wish to apply to our Dynamis Only LS, please refer to the MDynamis Recruitment

Application Process:
We will review your application and contact you in game for a trial pearl. During the trial period you will not receive a payout. Trial period is typically 1-2 weeks. During this time you may only lot on items that go ROT drop. This means anyone in LS who can equipt the item has had a chance to bid and either doesn't want or already has the item.

Once you have completed trial your application will be moved to Archived Applications.

Please note the more information your provide us in your application, the better your chances are of being accepted.

Please post with this format:
Character Name
Jobs (please list 70+ jobs)
Sub Jobs
Craft Levels

Main Job (This is for lottin purposes)

Sky Access
Sea Access (PM you are on)
Dynamis Xarc Access (or Cities you have flagged)
ToAU Mission
City & Rank

Previous Linkshells

Reason for leaving your current LS

Notable Equiptment

Playing Time

Reason for choosing MD

What your goals are while you are with MD

Personal Background

Name of Member who refered you(if applicable)


75 BLM/75 SMN/75 BRD/60 DNC/60 RDM/45 WAR/38 COR/37 WHM/37 DRK/37 NIN/26 PLD
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READ HERE ~Before Applying~
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